The Middleness 

The Middleness

tatramajjhattatā: The Pāḷi term for this cetasika literally means “there in the middleness.” It is a synonym for equanimity (upekkhā), not as a neutral feeling, but as a mental attitude of balance, detachment, and impartiality. It has the characteristic of conveying consciousness and the mental factors evenly. Its function is to prevent deficiency and excess, or to prevent partiality. It is manifested as neutrality.

It should be seen as the state of looking on with equanimity in the citta and cetasikas, like a charioteer who looks on with equanimity at the thoroughbreds progressing evenly along the roadway.

Neutrality of mind becomes the sublime quality of equanimity towards living beings. As such, it treats beings free from discrimination, without preferences and prejudices, looking upon all as equal. This equanimity should not be confused with its “near enemy,” the worldly-minded indifference due to ignorance (avijjā).

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