More Precious Than Gold

Thông Báo của Chủ nhiệm trang

Xin quý đọc giả đặc biệt lưu ý:
  1. Sư Giác Nguyên không quản lý và hoàn toàn không chịu trách nhiệm về trang
  2. Cao-Xuân Kiên là chủ nhiệm, thiết lập, quản lý, và chịu trách nhiệm cho bất cứ những sai lạc về thông tin bài vở trên trang này.
  3. Khi cần chia sẻ những bài vở từ trang này chúng tôi kính xin yêu cầu quý vị giữ tên người chép bài và nêu rõ rằng bài có thể bị thiếu sót vì còn là bản nháp chưa được hiệu đính.
  4. Nhắn riêng các vị có hảo tâm hỗ trợ cho trang kính mong quý vị tiếp tục công trình ghi chép bài giảng của chúng ta.
Xin chân thành cảm ơn quý phật tử.

Cao Xuân Kiên

Chủ nhiệm trang

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More Precious Than Gold

We can not live without teachers and friends, therefore we must be careful in judging and evaluating them because they are the ones who make up a part of our life, to be precise, in both this life and the next life.

There are some people seem to be very presentable from the outlook, but their internal situations are full of problems. Some are satisfied too early with their attainment. Some see themselves as calming and pure in form, but in the back of their mind there are flickers of stealthy, secret passions or desires that make them unwholesome.

A Buddhist practitioner who is good at cultivation but somehow still wants to speak about his attainment is not a perfect one yet. This is a fatal drawback for all of us!

There will be a day when we find ourselves as crystal clear and holy as a saint, but if we want to open up about our achievements then our attainment wouldn’t be fulfilled. A saint is not a person who avoid or distance himself from mankind, but he only does what is necessary. It is true not to say the wrong things, but saying a good thing needs to use selective words within a limit.

If you still want to share your attainment with others, you still are a long way from maturity and liberation. We must say so! Only in circumstances that it is impossible to keep silence then we have to speak up.

"Silence Is Gold". The flow-on from this is "When we speak we must speak of things that are more precious than gold". Most people only get the literal part of the proverb. The more precious flow-on intention is often missed.

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