Beware Of The Path You Take

Thông Báo của Chủ nhiệm trang

Xin quý đọc giả đặc biệt lưu ý:
  1. Sư Giác Nguyên không quản lý và hoàn toàn không chịu trách nhiệm về trang
  2. Cao-Xuân Kiên là chủ nhiệm, thiết lập, quản lý, và chịu trách nhiệm cho bất cứ những sai lạc về thông tin bài vở trên trang này.
  3. Khi cần chia sẻ những bài vở từ trang này chúng tôi kính xin yêu cầu quý vị giữ tên người chép bài và nêu rõ rằng bài có thể bị thiếu sót vì còn là bản nháp chưa được hiệu đính.
  4. Nhắn riêng các vị có hảo tâm hỗ trợ cho trang kính mong quý vị tiếp tục công trình ghi chép bài giảng của chúng ta.
Xin chân thành cảm ơn quý phật tử.

Cao Xuân Kiên

Chủ nhiệm trang

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Beware Of The Path You Take

Why are we afraid of diseases we can get from food, but not so concerned about the illnesses we may get from learning Buddhism? At least we must raise some questions:” Is that all the teachings Buddha had left for us? Where else can we search for more Buddhist Texts?”

The most grave concern is that a teacher usually follows his own view, he would preach what he thinks and we’re stuck with it. When we visit a doctor to get a prescription, we would take it home and do more research or ask some friends to make sure the medicine would work for us. We wouldn’t put our life in a doctor’s hands especially if he turns out to be a dodgy one.

However, millions of Vietnamese people following Buddhist faith don’t do the same way: If my grandma goes to a temple, so does my mother to the same temple, therefore I follow them . We would go to the nearest temple, the venerable who gave my grandma and my mum the Buddhist names would also be my venerable...

You should be more aware, more cautious and have some queries about the Buddhist path you take. Do not easily accept poor teachings from someone due to environmental factors , and the first person to become disadvantaged will be yourself.

The Buddha’s realm is countless. Why do we keep our heads on just one? For example, when you travel you would pick one from many destinations: Australia, Japan, America, England, France, Canada... But why does the whole family just come running to America? There must be a reason for you to go there.

All Bodhisattvas reaching Enlightenment must have great compassion, great wisdom. Why do some people single out Guanyin as the only one with great compassions and saviour of all suffering? What about the other Bodhisattvas? Don’t they have the same qualities and powers?

Everyone follows his/her own path of Karma. It’s important to do good deeds and stay away from evil, but not to recite so many Buddha and Bodhisattva prayers, then we can be safe.

Instead we must reduce the SELF (ego), reduce the Greed, Aversion and Ignorance. We’d better slow down the way we live, be more mindful, stay awake for more understanding, sharing an forgiving others.

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