Fear of Death
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Fear of Death

Fear of Death reflects our clinging attitude to longevity.

The fear of death alone, during the final hours brings terrible horror of birth-death cycle.

We should aim to leave this life peacefully by letting and not in grieving of an ending or loss or afraid of the unknown.

There are two ways of thinking about death: one of child-like panic and fear of a non-believer; the other of a practitioner who aims for liberation, with life-long dharma training to end the birth-death cycle or at least to have a peaceful departure.

Sariputta was once asked if he did not fear death, would that mean he was tired of living. Sariputta replied "I do not cling to life, neither do I wish to die. I do not want to force a green fruit to fall of the branch. I only wait for the cause-effect links to come."

All fears in life stem from some clinging passion but mainly from fear of death. Because we are so passionate about living, so wanting to stay alive, we have fear of death. And fear of death is the original cause of a lot of many other worries and pains.

If we have so much to lose when we die, we will have fear of death.

Death itself is not as scary as fear of death.

Death occurs quickly, a split of a second while fear of death can last decades.

We put a lot of effort into practice of dhamma because we also are afraid of death. If you live generously and think less of yourself then your fear of death will lessen. The secret of reducing fear of death is reducing your self-importance.

A good Buddhist practitioner repetitively thinks about death while living well and then has no fear of such, accepts it in his thoughts, day and night.

Fear of Death reflects our clinging attitude to longevity.

Two ways of going peacefully:

1. Not thinking about self, only thinking about others, leaving without regrets or fears.

2. No longer wanting anything.

Having total disregard for your own physical body is also a reasonable way to stop fear of death. We are afraid of death we because we love our bodies too much, not wanting to leave it on this earth.

We are afraid of death also because we do not know what would happen afterwards, and where we would end up.

Life really is a series of endless number of deaths.

Clinging to life and fear of death are only natural to lay, untrained beings.

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